WHOA! Guess Where 80% of Clinton Foundation Money Goes?

Hillary Clinton may have a new scandal on her hands. She has long touted her work with the Clinton Foundation among her “many accomplishments,” but the philanthropic nature of the foundation has been called into question.

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, the Canadian arm of Hillary’s foundation, spent almost 8 dollars for every 10 that it raised on, well, itself.

Approximately 80 percent of the donations to that arm of the Clinton Foundation was spent on salaries, office supplies, expenses, salaries, and consulting fees, Breitbart reports.

The findings were not part of some partisan research project. The statistics were compiled by the Canada Revenue Agency.

The CGEP was primarily established so Canadians could give money to the Clinton Foundation and still get a tax deduction for the contribution.

“These expenditures—far from being overhead—are critical to the operational success of CGEP’s work, and help maximize the impact of CGEP’s programs; ensure that more people are reached; and that these programs are run in an effective way,” a letter from the officials at the Canadian arm of the Clinton Foundation said when attempting to defend the money distribution amid mounting backlash.

According to the Canadian agency, the Clinton Foundation only spent about 22 percent of the millions of dollars it took in on “charitable programs.”

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) was established by a Canadian mining investor. Frank Giustra is reportedly one of the Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors.

Taking money from mining billionaires might not sit real well with the Bernie Sanders supporters she is hoping to coax into her corner.

Frank Giustra and Bill Clinton are reportedly big buddies who often travel together.
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