Trudeau’s lack of substance suits the UN perfectly

Trying to analyse a Justin Trudeau speech is like trying to dissect a marshmallow. It’s soft and fluffy and overly sweet. And the second you try to pull it apart it dissolves into goo.

(Which says a lot about the groups of teachers, social workers, municipal politicians and special activists who used to pay him tens of thousands of dollars to deliver keynote addresses at their conventions.)

The prime minister’s first speech to the United Nation’s General Assembly, delivered Tuesday in Manhattan, was as gooey and insubstantial as they come. So, of course, it was very well received at UN headquarters and in newsrooms.

The UN is often referred to by its critics as a debating society.

Rather, the UN is the temple of fashionable intellectualism. Almost nothing of substance ever gets debated there.

About the only disagreements in New York or Geneva or at UN conferences around the world is whether we need a lot of international aid, government intervention,

Ottawa Sun by Lorne Gunter Sept 21st 2016

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