The typical liberal morons out there will quickly state that Harper actually ran many deficits, because they are too stupid to know why Harper ran the deficits. He had no choice. If he did not run large deficits to stimulate the economy, he would have been quickly voted out of office and we would have had morons running the government. What a disaster that would have been. The liberals are doing a horrendous job right now and we are not in difficult times. So anyone with a brain in their head should now that Harper had no choice and was able to steer the economy out of troubled times better than just about every other country.


So Kevin O’Leary is correct when he says trudeau is ruining this country financially and spending money like a drunken sailor. The problem is, we do not have many jobs to show for this massive deficit and a lot of money is being spent on foreign countries.

One of the problems with trudeau is he wants to do things just like his father did, badly. His father did a horrible job with the countries finances and also just about ruined the country with his “charter of rights and freedoms”, and it might still yet.



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