Liberal cabinet secrets revealed: Record shows Justin Trudeau is a “fake” feminist

Justin Trudeau may go around the world proudly proclaiming to be a feminist but the reality is, he treats women differently than men putting them lower on lists and paying them less.

He’s told us several times that he is indeed a feminist and who can forget the answer he gave on why he had decided to go for gender parity in his cabinet?

Amid all the media fawning when his cabinet was introduced, we couldn’t help but notice even though it was 2015, five of the fifteen women appointed were junior ministers and not a single man was.

The Liberals were embarrassed when this was disclosed causing them to quickly say, don’t worry, these junior ministers will be paid the same.

Is he treating women the same as men now? The latest from The Hill Times leaves that as an open question.

Watch as I show you the facts including the reluctance of the Privy Council to give a straight answer.

Add this to the story I brought you about his “succession list”, and it becomes obvious that for all his talk, Justin favours old white men. Of the top ten people on that list, only two are women but of the bottom ten, seven are women and when it comes to ethnic diversity, those people tend to be at the bottom as well.

This cabinet secret should be a black eye for Justin but the media won’t call him on it – they’re too much in love. One thing that’s obvious and speaks volumes about him even if the media isn’t speaking is that he often proclaims one thing and does another.

Is Justin really a feminist? No. He is a fake feminist.

by Brian Lilley of July 13th 2016

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