Trudeau is nickel-and-diming Canadians to death – too bad this moron has no concept of what it like to earn a living. He has always been living off taxpayer dollars in one form or another.

Trudeau can’t control his spending, and he’s finding lots of ways to make you pay for it

Justin Trudeau just made your life more expensive. And he couldn’t care less.

Picture this: You’re one of the almost two million Canadians who claim the Public Transit Tax Credit on your taxes every year – the majority of whom make less than $50,000 per year.

You ride the bus in Edmonton, the subway in Toronto, or the AMT commuter train in Montreal every day. Your pass costs over $100 per month, but the tax credit saves you a few hundred dollars at tax time, which helps.

And now it’s gone – cancelled in Justin Trudeau’s last Budget.

You get to work, and notice your paycheck is a little less than you expected. That’s because Justin Trudeau’s budget hiked payroll taxes, taking a bigger bite out of your income.

A bit disappointed, you head home, stopping along the way for a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine. You notice they cost more. Justin Trudeau’s budget hiked beer and wine taxes, too.

Later that night, you call an Uber to take you to a friend’s place. It’s pricier than it used to be. Justin Trudeau’s budget charged sales taxes on ridesharing services.

Notice a pattern? Regular people call this what it is: nickel-and-diming.

Justin Trudeau can’t control his spending, and he’s finding lots of ways to make you pay for it.

Trudeau promised Canadians he’d borrow just $10 billion per year to create jobs and grow the economy. But as soon as he took office, he broke that promise: the deficit is now almost three times bigger. There isn’t even the semblance of a plan to balance Canada’s budget again.

Instead, he’s signed Canadians up for decades of red ink. A Canadian turning 18 years old today won’t see a balanced budget until they’re in their fifties. This is a terrible legacy to pass on to the next generation – and it’s at the heart of Justin Trudeau’s agenda.

For all this spending, there are no results. The government’s own numbers show that the economy is growing no faster than before their spending binge began. Canadians are working fewer hours, and their wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living.

These deficits are just an excuse for Justin Trudeau to spend money on himself. He’s obsessed with flashy innovation schemes – the superclusters and venture capital catalysts promoted by glossy brochures and well-connected consultants. They’re great for photo-ops, but they do little for regular working Canadians who are paying for all of this with higher taxes.

People like Justin Trudeau can afford these tax hikes, but most families can’t. They’re already paying more for their kids’ arts and sports programs, saving less in their Tax Free Savings Accounts, and facing thousands of dollars more per year in carbon taxes and increased Canada Pension Plan premiums.

So while the Prime Minister enjoys his latest international trip or exciting photo-op, it’s regular people like you who have to hand over more money and take lower paying jobs.

And it means the Liberals are taking more from Canadians than they’re giving back.

Conservatives think that’s unfair. You deserve better than to be nickel-and-dimed to death by Justin Trudeau.

Rona Ambrose is federal opposition leader and interim Conservative leader

Ottawa Sun by Rona Ambrose

April 3rd 2017

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