It is really scary to think that the people who are spending billions of dollars of taxpayers money, are too stupid to understand what they are spending the money on. The environment minister shows she is quite dumb and should not be an MP. Too bad MP’s can be elected with little or no brains, as is the case in this example, in our opinion.

Catherine McKenna, the federal Liberal candidate for Ottawa Centre, announced her intention to transform 100 Wellington Street (former US embassy, at rear) into a destination worthy of Canada's capital Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. (Julie Oliver / Ottawa Citizen)
Catherine McKenna, the federal Liberal  (Julie Oliver / Ottawa Citizen)

Cold weather solar greenhouses in Canada? McKenna again proves she’s “not the smartest monkey at the zoo”

Catherine McKenna strikes again. Last week, Ezra showed you a glorious fail by Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister. She fell for a fake suggestion to slow the rate of climate change by removing unnecessary security lighting. She’s that dumb.

But it gets better. A day later and learning nothing from being trolled by that genius Alan from Saskatchewan, McKenna was had again.

At least, I want to believe this person was trolling McKenna since the Tweet McKenna sent out is just so dumb.

She tweets:

“This #Clean Tech idea concerns food security” along with a picture that says,

“It would be prudent to start planning for food security in Canada by building cold climate solar greenhouses in urban and rural areas throughout the country”
I want to believe Nikica in Manitoba is as smart as Alan in Saskatchewan and not as dumb as McKenna. Cold weather solar greenhouses, in Canada?

Be sure to put them all over the place because they totally have room for that nonsense in downtown Toronto. Has McKenna ever been outside in the winter? Or grown a vegetable. Or at least met a farmer? Or looked out a window at 4 pm in December?

Lets take a look at how stupid this idea is. Look at places where they might even have the room to put swaths of extra greenhouses, like Winnipeg. Besides having low actual daylight hours in the winter in Canada, the sun doesn’t shine much in the winter.

It doesn’t really matter where you are in the country for that to be true. In December, Winnipeg had on average 3.2 hours of sunshine daily. Do you think thats enough solar energy to heat a greenhouse to a temperature warm enough to grow cucumbers on a minus 25 degree celsius night? Not without our good friend natural gas. Our old pal natural gas has been making local food production a reality for decades. Too bad McKenna wants to carbon tax it.

This is Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister. I’m convinced she is a token appointment in Trudeau’s pursuit for gender parity because it’s becoming more and more clear that she wasn’t hired for her brains.

But who is worse? A woman who thinks you can grow lettuce using the sun at minus 40 in Hay River in the dead of January or the Prime Minister who hired her?

Courtesy by Sheila Gunn Reid June 14th 2016

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