Trudeau would have you believe that his recent trip was about improving relations between Canada and the United States, but the relations have always been pretty good. In reality it was more about stroking his ego and setting up another staged photo opportunity at the tax payers expense, $257,000, to be precise. His arrogance is going to be very costly for the Canadian taxpayers. He has been around the world many time in his brief 6 or 7 months in office, with little if anything to show for his efforts other than a few staged photo ops and many chances for some selfies. The worst thing though is his attempt to try and fool the public by stating his trip was only around $25 K, when in reality it was more than 10 times as much or $257,000. People are not stupid, they will remember how many times he lies, and that seems to be often these days. Ever since the election, I would say he lies more than he doesn’t with his countless string of broken promises, in our opinion.


Trudeau’s official visit to Washington cost taxpayers more than $257K
The bills for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official trip to Washington, D.C., in March have been tallied, with the cost for the three-day trip coming in at more than $257,000.

U.S. President Barack Obama rolled out the red carpet for the Trudeaus in the first state dinner for a Canadian prime minister in nearly 20 years.

The list of costs was released in response to a question tabled in the House by New Democrat MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault. The costs are broken down person-by-person, for transportation, meals and incidentals, and lodging.

The Trudeaus’ and other delegates’ transportation on Canadian government aircraft is estimated at $46,620. Accommodation was provided by the U.S. government for the Trudeaus and some delegates.

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A total of 43 people were part of the official delegation. Expenses for 24 “other participants” are listed in the cost breakdown.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland and the PM’s principal secretary Gerald Butts were among those in Washington.

Trudeau’s three young children, Justin’s mother Margaret, as well as Sophie Gregoire Trudeau’s parents also made the three-day trip. Their expenses are not listed.

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Costs for the RCMP security detail during the trip are not included.

The preliminary cost for the trip to D.C. was pegged at $25,000, but that was before many of the expenses had been figured in.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says Canadians “deserve better” than being told a price for the trip which later ballooned to 10 times its original estimate.

“Now they’ve had to admit that contrary to everything they’ve promised, they weren’t transparent, they weren’t honest, they didn’t tell the truth about the cost of the Washington trip,” Mulcair said Tuesday.

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The written response along with the cost breakdown says “in the interest of openness and transparency,” other costs not yet determined, some estimated, have been included.

“These costs include such essential services as administrative costs, courier services, gifts, and translation services.”

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“With these costs included, the best estimate of the total cost of the official visit to the United States is $257,219.42.”

It also notes the significance of the relationship between Canada and the U.S., and the opportunities the trip provided.

“During this important visit, the Canadian delegation took important steps to revitalize the Canada-U.S. relationship, and engaged our American counterparts on many files, including: climate change, environment and energy, international security, defence cooperation, the global coalition against ISIL, border cooperation, and trade and commercial relations.”

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  1. Trudeau is the worst what can happen to Canada.
    That guy election is a result of deception of Martin and other liberal crooks.

    The IMPORTANT thing is looking for legal means to remove him from power.
    What are the laws in Canada of creating referendum. ?
    Please answer.

  2. Strolling down the yellow centre line of Yonge St., Prime Minster Justin Trudeau waved to the relentlessly cheering spectators, then looked up and saw the four men in an open window of a second-storey apartment.

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