A truly disgusting display of true allegiance. Not to Canada but to muslims, who want the worst for Canada. I do not know how this liberal liar can sleep at night when he puts the needs of islam before the needs of Canadians.

“Stephane Dion is a disgrace”: Shameful tweet about “death” of French priest, but no mention of terrorism

Two Muslim terrorists attacked a church in Normandy, France. They had a macabre ceremony slitting the throat of the priest, a man in his eighties, while ordering one of the hostages to videotape it. Then these Islamic State terrorists gave a grotesque Muslim sermon in the Christian church.

Horrific. So what did Stephane Dion, our foreign minister say? Dion, who by the way, bizarrely also holds French citizenship. Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“Saddened to hear of hostage taking in #Normandy church resulting in death of priest. Canada stands together with #France #Rouen.”
Really? That’s all you’ve got. You’re not outraged? You’re not motivated to do anything. Certainly not to send our CF-18s back into the fight against the Islamic State.

And look at that passive language: “Resulting in the death of a priest”. No, he was murdered, in the style of the Koran — throat slit with a knife.

Stephane Dion is a disgrace.


therebel.media  july 27th 2016

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