Sophie gregoire trudeau acts like she is some sort of do gooder that is bombarded with requests from the public to hear her speak or sing, but the reality is that no one is making any such requests. Ion fact I had the bad luck of hearing her sing on a you tube video and thought, good thing she does not do that for a living, she would be broke. She asks for extra help, from taxpayers, but what would she need it for?  Maybe she needs help dressing her husband for work in the morning or someone to tie his shoes, because she can not always attend his meetings.


So how much mail does Sophie Trudeau REALLY get? We investigated!

Remember what Sophie told that Quebec newspaper that there are so, so many requests coming in from the public for her help?

The Rebel did an access to information request to the Privy Council office, because they’re the ones who would handle any mail for her:

Just how much mail has Sophie been receiving.

Well, we got an answer from the Privy Council…

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.11.28 AM

REBEL COMMANDER June 24th 2016

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