Six months ago, Justin Trudeau rushed in the first “Syrian refugees” — Let’s see how they’re doing…


Six months after Justin Trudeau airlifted the first “Syrian refugees” to Canada, they’re clogging Canada’s food banks and welfare lines — and bringing sexual harassment, bullying and anti-Semitism into our otherwise tolerant schools.

It’s impossible to rush through so many people while doing proper security checks, let alone health checks, as the law requires. So we didn’t do them.

(The “Syrian” migrant who marched with Justin Trudeau in Toronto’s gay Pride parade, who actually came from Egypt, also has HIV.)

As a senior civil servant has testified before Parliament, we’re not really taking Syrian refugees anyway. They’re from places like Jordan and Lebanon, and some of them now want to go back home.

If Jews had fled Nazi Germany in 1940, and made it to Canada, and the food wasn’t great and the hotel was small — do you think they’d be musing about going back to Berlin?

So why are we still briging “Syrian refugees” here, to the tune of 50,000 every year, according to Justin’s plan?

I think I know…

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THEN Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter and I discuss Justin Trudeau’s decision to double down on his opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

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Ezra Levant  July 6th 2016

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