Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sunk to a new low, he has not only rewarded a convicted terrorist with millions of dollars in tax payer dollars, but he has gone out of his way to ensure the the families of his victims did not have access to those funds. The families of his victims were awarded of $100 million dollars and attempted to freeze terrorist Khadr’s assets, but Trudeau has secretly paid off Khadr quickly, even though no court has told him to do so. He has also made sure that he made the payment quickly, so the families of Khadr’s victims have very little chance of going after the payout.

The majority of Canadians and even many liberals in Canada are against the deal made with Khadr. Perhaps that is why Trudeau quietly slipped this deal through when parliament was off of r a summer break, so that there would be no chance of debate on the issue.

The citizens of the United States are very upset at this ridiculous deal, and rightly so. They are basically handcuffed by this decision by inexperienced Trudeau, who basically won the leadership and the election, in October 2015, due to his looks and his fathers last name. His experience before becoming PM was that of a part time drama teacher and a bouncer. So it is not hard to see why such a stupid deal was made. Unless one also looks deeper at the fact that Trudeau is a terrorist sympathizer who has repeatedly stated that terrorists deserve to keep their Canadian citizenship, so no serious harm can ever come to them, if they commit heinous acts of terrorism.

Fox News Video – July 17th 2017

This deal with the devil, as some are calling it, is likely to be Trudeau’s legacy and will hopefully follow him until the next election. He has very little to offer as Prime Minister but is well known for his ability to get into a photo opportunity and spending tax payer dollars on middle eastern countries, while recording record deficits and of course, many broken promises.


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