Minister “Brainiac” duped again: McKenna invites parody Twitter account to climate change announcement

Catherine McKenna has been duped again on social media.

You heard last week about how Trudeau’s token gender parity appointment as the Minister of Climate Change and the Environment fell for two fake suggestions about how to save us all from frying on the scorching fireball of death she surely believes the earth will become.

This time Minister Brainiac fell for a parody twitter account of Ontario Climate change Minister Glen Murray.

The parody is called @glen4NOT, a play on the actual Minister’s account named @glen4ONT. The bio features a picture of Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio and reads:

“I will end warm chinooks, Hydrocarbons made me do it. I am not that guy who is the politician in Ontario”.

The account tweets about wind turbines stopping ISIS and replacing the lawnmowers on Queen’s Park with cattle. It’s ridiculous, hilarious and obvious but it still fooled McKenna.

Catherine McKenna invited the goofy parody account to an announcement with her after it tweeted her about keeping Hamilton beautiful by excluding the steel mills from Ontario’s cap and trade scheme.

How on Great Mother Gaia, peace be upon her, did Mckenna fall for something so silly?

McKenna is not clever enough to navigate herself around the internet without falling for every trick tossed in her path, but don’t worry, she understands the science of climate change and she’s going to save us all from boiling alive in the rising oceans.

Rejoice. We are saved. Between McKenna and Trudeau, they’ll outsmart climate change.

By Sheila Gunn Reid with June 20th 2016

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