Liberals try and make the Conservatives look bad by having a Liberal supporter pretend that the Conservatives are being racist. Liberals have no shame.

Muslim LIBERAL pranks Conservatives at convention — and Media Party falls for this latest “Islamophobia” HOAX team is back in Toronto, after covering the Conservative Party’s convention in Vancouver. But other journalists weren’t there as objective reporters. They knew that if there was no scandal or fiasco at this event, they had to invent one.

So they found this woman — a hijab-wearing Muslim Conservative, who was really embarrassed by her party: Urz Heer of Brampton, Ontario.

While cameras were rolling at the convention, she denounced her beloved party for its Islamophobia. Then she did any and every media interview she could, calling the party racist.

But I guess not a single journalist from these massive media companies bothered to even type her name in Google. I did.

The first hit is her Twitter feed. Look: She was at a Liberal kick-off for a Liberal candidate, the Muslim extremist Omar Alghabra.

That’s odd for a Conservative delegate…

Then there’s Urz Heer’s LinkedIn page:

“Director, Brampton West Federal Liberal Riding Association November 2014 – Present”

In Google Images, the first photo shows her speaking in front of a big red Liberal banner.

I’ll show you more. A LOT more.

I don’t know how Urz Heer scammed her way into the convention. But I do know how she scammed her way into the CBC, and Globe and Mail and National Post and literally 177 news stories. Because the media are stupid, lazy and partisan…

Ezra Levant – The Rebel Media June 3rd 2016

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