If not liking a group of people who are known for suicide bombings, killing people because they are gay, beating up women and treating them like dirt, most terrorist events in the past 20 years, having sex with animals, raping and brutalizing children, demanding their own laws when they come as refugees and living on welfare and threatening our people and away of life at every turn are cause for me being called a bigot, then a bigot I am. I really start to wonder about the politicians, and journalists and the media that have sold out for votes and for political correctness. They might be able to call us bigots now, but when sharia law is all around them, they will be begging for the bigots to help them out. the liberals and liberal voters need to give their head a shake before they bring thousands more refugees in to Canada, to live on welfare and threaten our way of life.


Toronto Star says two-thirds of Ontarians are bigots for not liking Islam

Ezra Levant thereby.media July 5th 2016

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