Krayden: Trump puts environmental crusaders in their place

Poor Justin Trudeau. The prime minister is “disappointed” that President Donald Trump has yanked the United States out of the ridiculous Paris climate accord. Our minister of the environment and “climate change” (yes, that’s her official title) is also disappointed. But Catherine McKenna assured Canadians on Thursday that the U.S. walking out of this environmental boutique won’t stop the deluge of lean, green and clean energy jobs that are inevitably going to be a result of everyone paying more to drive our cars and heat our homes in the winter as wind and solar power magically supply our energy needs.

Come on, haven’t we heard all this before from the green-happy premier who is running Ontario into the ground like the mad ruler of a medieval fiefdom?

The climate change swindle is perhaps the greatest con game that democratic governments have ever played. It could also potentially be the largest tax grab when you add up all the environmental “levies” and “surcharges” that are accumulating. And don’t consume any of this baloney about Trudeau’s carbon tax being “revenue neutral;” if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Well, we got some reality last week from Donald Trump. Thank God, someone has the moxy to call out the climate change tyrants for not wearing any clothes. Of course the media was after him on Friday, wondering if he believed in climate change, just like other inquisitors in the past who were prepared to burn people at the stake for denying the settled truth of the day.

You see, environmentalism is not a policy, not even a cause; it is a religion, pure and simple. And for the true believers in this religion, there can be no doubting, no questioning, no deviation, no debate and no time to think. The issue is settled. When the term global warming had outlived its relevancy after some severe winters, the enviro-fascists decided to use climate change because that can mean just about anything that you want it to.

And is the climate changing? Of course it is, just has it has for millennia. Are we going to arrest that change by living in caves, parking our vehicles and making enviro prophets such as David Suzuki richer? Not at all. We will just deprive ourselves of the benefits of industrialization as we sprint toward a new dark age.

Well, it’s not for Trump and the fed-up Americans who put him in the presidency. He’s not prepared to lose U.S. jobs and straight-jacket U.S. industry to keep the self-indulgent environmental lobby at the United Nations happy. He knows, unlike our prime minister, that the “war on climate change” is a pathetic excuse to find a mission in life and a convenient means of avoiding the real war of our era — that against terrorism.

Of course, America’s exit from the Paris accord will affect Canada; it will affect us big league, as Trump might describe it. With the U.S. free from the constraints of this farce, especially as we renegotiate NAFTA, it will make Canadian industry less competitive and put pressure on Trudeau to draw back on his environmental agenda.

I hope it also emboldens Canadian conservatives to stop appeasing the environmental extremists and paying obeisance to the UN-led climate change mullahs they want to control our lives.

You really have to laugh at all the hysteria over Trump’s common sense decision to say adieu and amen to Paris in the spring time. You will recall that enviro-fascists didn’t much approve of the accord when Trudeau signed it soon after becoming prime minister. It didn’t go far enough. It didn’t inflict enough pain. Surely we could suffer some more for the environment.

Well, Trump is calling a spade a spade and calling out all the enviro-loving politicians who love to jet-set to exotic locales so they can huddle in luxury and privilege while they bemoan the decadence of the industrialized world.

What a pack of hypocrites. Finally a moment of truth.

David Krayden is an Ottawa-based former Air Force public affairs officer and Parliament Hill communications manager.

Ottawa Sun June 3rd 2017

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