Is Justin Trudeau an Idiot? Here’s proof

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has said some remarkable things, things that shocked the world, how much of an idiot can you be?

So is he an idiot? Let’s find out, Trudeau is famous for saying “we’re not a war with ISIS” when there have been hundreds of people killed just in the last month claimed by ISIS.

Trudeau also said “if you kill your enemies they win” this has to be the most famous “idiot” quote from a politician ever.

He also walked up an escalator backwards (just like he runs Canada) to promote his election campaign.

Here’s a compilation of Trudeau’s worst idiotic moments, watch below.

By Debate Post on July 19th by Jason

41 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau an Idiot? Here’s proof

    1. and that’s probably the nicest thing you can say about this freak. It speaks to how ridiculous this country has become……i’m ashamed to be Canadian when 60 – 65% of the population is brain dead.

  1. I would have thought Canadians were smarter than that to have voted in such an incompetent leader as Trudeau. The man-child hasn’t worked more than 3 years in anything even close to resembling a full time job and he says he is connected to the average middle class voter? The more disturbing picture of this “smoke and mirror” show is how people actually fall for looks and phoney charisma. It goes to show you how much wisdom society has lost since WW2. This guy would have been laughed out of politics back in the day when people knew what life was about. This is Roman Empire implosion simply repeating history. Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it…

  2. no surprise.. when you put the 1% in charge this is what you get.. .actually building guillontines would solve the problem.. but it ‘s probably illegal…lol

  3. I went to school with this dude, no joke- dude spent the majority of the day eating crayons and play dough in the library at the University in British colombia.


    1. I not happy also, but I did note vote for Justin t. He is a moron and an idiot, with no knowledge in any domestic or international affairs. I hope that he’ll be voted out next elections.

  5. Sadly and very unfortunately, Trudeau himself and especially all his advisors and cabinet are incompetent, out of touch with the realities of potential threats to Canada, the USA and other western nations. It appears as if the Canadian government has a high tech method of screening refugees and immigrants. This system of screening and vetting must be far more superior then what the Israelis, the USA, Britain and other nations have. Why doesn’t Trudeau pass it to Donald Trump and other countries so they too can vet the immigrants and refugees at a ridiculous rapid pace? We seem to be letting in refugees in by the tens of thousands without a care in the world. However, all it does is immensely increases our terrorist risks here in Canada.

    Sure, Canada is built on immigrants that formed a diverse cultural and racial foundation, which of course is a multicultural mosaic. Back then though, the immigrants that came here were interested in coming to Canada for prosperity, freedom and to integrate and to become Canadian.

    Consequently today there is no comparison to what some immigrants and refugees do now, because many don’t integrate so it’s not immigration its invasion. Another difference is today, immigrants from the Middle East and other countries also have ISIS terrorists embedded amongst them who only want to kill as many people as they can regardless of age, religion, race, culture, and gender. These mentally ill terrorists don’t care about anyone only the amount of harm, havoc and chaos they can inflict.

    Another point on immigration is it should be balanced, because in simple terms, if you allow too many Chinese into the country, then we will all be in China, not Canada. If you allow too many Indians from India in the country then we are living in India not Canada ad on and on. Consequently there is a fine balance of how many people of one culture or region come to Canada to live because if there is no balance they will significantly impact, overturn and change Canadian culture and lifestyle from what it is today and take over government power. I don’t want to live in a different country because of the lax immigration laws of Canada but to live in Canada with other Canadians that want to integrate to be Canadian.

    Why is every product that we buy, use or have in Canada, made in China? Why aren’t products from Canada, Taiwan, India, South Korea, USA, or other places? Another problem with huge trade imbalances with China is its completely destroying our economy no different from Mexico taking jobs from Canada and the USA. Trudeau doesn’t care otherwise he would do something about it.

    Why does Trudeau continue to allow our entire west coast of British Columbia to be bought up by foreigners, without putting a complete stop to it? They have driven the prices up so high that not even a Canadian can afford to live there. Moreover, the wages and cost of living are completely misaligned so how can anyone make a decent living in British Columbia.

    Trudeau continues to try to destroy the west, and its prosperity because of its oil reserves and wealth. Even though the west has helped the Canadian economy for over ten years and beyond during the worst economic times while filtering billions to Ottawa and continues to pay Ottawa.

    Trudeau and his cabinet also do not understand there is a fine balance between our countries prosperity and implementing senseless environmental taxes like the carbon tax when the economy is barely running and on top of it all, making it more expensive to live in Canada.
    It was also proven in a ten year study by the Fraser Institute that burning coal does not impact the air quality or pollution level but politicians closed the coal burning plants in Ontario, and put thousands of people out of work. Senseless and completely out of touch with realities the whole Liberal government.
    Also Trudeau wants to phase out our great oil sands even though we have more oil than the entire Middle East combined and can become a major world player. Phasing out the oil-sands will destroy Canada as a country and completely devastate the livelihood of millions of people. So you think there are a lot of people that are hungry now….
    I feel that this Prime Minister and his cabinet are trying to destroy Canada, just as Obama was destroying the USA. I feel Trudeau is working for some other entity…not Canada. Who cares that your father was a politician…it doesn’t mean that you are a good politician. You grew up sheltered from the world, with millions of dollars. So your life experience is zero when compared to other politicians and many of the people of Canada that have worked very hard.
    I can’t wait until we can vote you out of office because I will never vote for a liberal or NDP government ever again until my last breath, period!

    1. Joe Nobody
      All so very well said, I totally agree with everything you wrote. I do hope the next election will remove Trudeau from office, his father was a destroyer as well, a family trait no doubt.

    2. Brilliant, Mr. Nobody…
      A Canadian who’s actually caring and thinking straightforwardly about Canada 2017+ and took the time to position his summary!
      Thankyou…I’ll share your thoughts….with not the like-minded; but those snoring…

      Lazar Calica

  6. The fact that BC. Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes handed this frigging clown a majority government, given his obvious stupidity, should be reason enough for the western provinces and the NWT to consider leaving confederation.
    As soon as Alberta gets rid of that trainwreck Nutley and her herd of juvenile delinquents, a referendum should be first on the agenda of the new government.

    1. I agree 100%
      Toss out the NDP in Alberta and take control of your resources. If that means separation so be it. Alberta has given so much to Canada and the current political climate (liberal & NDP) is attacking the economic engine that has made Canada prosper over the past years. It is insane, Alberta is better off alone.

    2. 55 seats in Toronto 32 in atlantic Canada rest of Canada suffers because of Toronto with a minority or small majority this buffoon has would why does he bear a close facial likeness to fidel casnot last, big feminist hero pays his domestic minimum rate hides behind women in question period don’t forget tides foundation obomas campaign team had a part in all of this probably waste of skin George soros. was also behind the scenes

      1. I meant Toronto and atlantic were largely responsible for giving selfie boy a blank check majority I guess none of the liberal trained seals will get tired of this clown and sit as independents some of them must be shamed by selfie boy he has been a blank check unfortuneately

  7. The acorn does not fall any near the mighty oak tree. Politics under a Trump/Trudeau/Merkel world has gone insane. After working campaigns and elections for over 30 years, I am totally jaded and burned out. Albeit, political leaders are never sensible rational people; if they are, they don’t last long at their job. Justin just isn’t the answer to Canada’s ills, it’s time to go.

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  9. Yaah justine a retard along with rachael notley total know idea how to run government just screw country up and idiots who voted them retards in

  10. Pathetic moron, what did we do to deserve a twat running our country? He can’t even speak without “umming” 47 times.

  11. You and we have a big problem here. I know its currently unfashionable to speak of evil satan devil whatever, but, the people here were deceived by the Great Deceiver. This feigner of virtue is going to be the cause of untold misery pain harm. And the people deserve what’s coming because they voted for superficial vain lust for a “Pretty”, identical tactic as the French Macron. Will bring identical catastrophe.

  12. Justin Trudeau is like Soros Gyorgy, he doesn’t believe in Individual Identity and National Identity either, he is a globalist who promotes banning anything that resembles true ‘Canadian Identity’. He prefers Muslim migrants to any other nonislamic identities. One should deeply search as to what and who can be called ‘Canadian’. Muslims only have allegiance to Islam and never will submit to any other countries faith and laws because that is the nature of their brainwashing Religion of Islam and although Mohammed has been dead since long ago, they still adhere to his primitive barbaric ideology. They also believe that ‘Earth belong to them and them only.

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