“I’d heard stories about this lady…” Is Maggie Trudeau the “Madame X” in Trump’s book?

So I was reading this book: Trump: Surviving at the Top. It was the sequel to Trump’s first best-seller, The Art of the Deal, which he wrote 30 years ago.

In the later book, Trump wrote about his personal life, in the mid 1970s. He wrote a bit about Montreal, and how he met his first wife, Ivana Trump there.

And he described the scene in Manhattan when he was a single guy:

“Wild things happened all the time back then, and nobody thought very much of it. For instance, one day a friend called me at the office and said he needed to set up a date for a certain well-known married woman. This woman was visiting from out of town and was, he said — using a typical swinging-seventies expression — ‘really hot.’

“I had a girlfriend at that time, and so did he, but I knew a guy named Ben who was very worldly-wise. Ben, I was sure, could serve as this woman’s escort and be discreet about it. I called him immediately, and though he said he was tired and had been planning to stay home that night, Ben eventually agreed, as a personal favor to me, to take this woman out. She turned out to be the wife of a man who was then the prime minister of a major country.”
Really? A wife of a major country’s prime minister, partying like crazy in Manhattan in the mid-seventies?

More from the book:

“I’d heard stories about this lady, but I never thought much of them until that night. We met at the house of the friend who’d phoned me. After we’d all chatted for a while in the living room, the four of us who already knew each other drifted out to the kitchen, leaving Ben and Madame X in the living room to get better acquainted. Which they did. In fact, when we drifted back in, about ten minutes later, she and Ben were involved in an incredibly torrid scene on the couch. I remember standing there and thinking to myself, “well, Donald, you’re not in Queens anymore.”
I wonder who that could be…

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Ezra Levant

Jan 24th 2017

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