Enough with the Liberal hypocrisy

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government requires all investment advisers across Ontario to account for every single dollar they make for managing their clients’ money.

The rationale is that customers should know how much they are paying their advisers.

So why doesn’t Wynne apply that same rationale to her own policies? Let’s look at two examples of Liberal hypocrisy: Hydro rates and the new cap-and-trade scheme.

Your hydro bill is possibly the most misleading bill you have ever received.

Hidden in the delivery charge or adjustment fees are dozens of other expenses that Wynne doesn’t want you to know about. Running contrary to their own logic on the financial industry, Wynne’s ministers scoff at the idea of properly accounting for each expense on a hydro or gas bill.

Apparently, Wynne is now considering “doing something” about the hydro delivery charge. When I heard what her plan was, I couldn’t believe it. She’s considering paying for delivery charges out of “general revenue.”

Translation: You’ll either be taxed more, or the government will just borrow more money and increase Ontario’s already gigantic debt.

But it gets worse.

The cap-and-trade system has got to be the single largest cash-grab in a generation. The tax is basically a scheme to make everyone pay for carbon dioxide emissions. Wynne said it would cost only few cents.

But in Ottawa, the price of gas immediately rose by an average of five cents. In Toronto, it rose as high as 12 cents almost overnight. These hikes occurred only hours after cap-and-trade came into effect. Can you imagine what you’ll be paying a month from now? How about a year from now?

The next time you gas up your car, look at your receipt. You won’t see a line item indicating how much the cap-and-trade scheme has raised the cost of gas. Your receipt won’t show whether Wynne is charging you HST on top of it. This is probably because Wynne doesn’t want you to know how much extra you’re paying.

These higher costs are going to hurt the poor most, and enrich the government by about $2 billion a year. The cap-and-trade tax is not going to be offset by reductions in our other taxes.

When a government enriches itself, that’s bad enough. But this is worse because we will be purchasing carbon credits from California and Quebec. We will be sending those places hundreds of millions of dollars annually in order to buy our way out of actually reducing emissions.

Liberal environmental policy is more about making yourself feel good than actually doing something.

Remember the 2008 federal election? Then-Liberal leader Stephane Dion, another misguided environmentalist, rented a plane that pumped out more carbon than a fleet of jets from the 1940s. No problem, he said, because he’ll buy carbon credits.

Spending more money for no good reason might make Wynne and the Hollywood Left feel better about themselves. But Ontarians are angry about high hydro rates and faux-environmentalist posturing.

We are fed up with paying more and more for no reason to a government that can’t manage money. We are enraged at the endless hydro shell-game and massive government debt.

Ontarians are fed up with Liberal hypocrisy.

— MacLaren is the Progressive Conservative MPP for Carleton-Mississippi Mills

Toronto Sun by Jack Maclaren

Jan 25th 2017

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